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Who are we?

Wotan Solutions was founded by two talented brothers back in 2007. Both of them were renowned professional musicians, playing the trumpet in such prestigious venues like the Hungarian State Opera. But they talent was not limited only to music they earned great reputation with their businesmanship, as well. They organized events, managed musicians, even started software development profects during the years.

One day, after Tamás, the elder brother, had an uncomfortable experience with a plumber who not just ripped him off but even left with a lousy, amateurish job they recognized how much possibility awaits a trustworthy, professional and likeable pluming company in the market of Budapest. They dreamed a company that offer services always on the same high-standard reacts fast and never lets it’s clients down.

First they defined the values: they brought the struggle for perfection from music, and innovation from their former business life. They wanted to find not just the most competent plumbers but also those who can communicate the best with their customers and started to build a team.

Wotan was born, named after the king of gods from the ancient German mythology – and also the protagonist of Wagner’s masterpeice: the Ring.

Please feel free to have a look at the names of the companies Wotan has worked for. We are pretty sure that you’ll find some familiar names. They trusted us and we are prouder to have their faith in our services more than anything else.

We hope that your brand will bee enlisted here soon, too or we can greet you among our satisfied personal clients! Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Our colleagues are ready to receive your calls 0-24.

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